our mission is to become an essential “club in the bag” for golfers and the place golfers go to find what they need, share what they want, and build relationships with those who share their interests and values in golf.

we know golf is an extremely personal endeavor and while many of us across the globe are united in our love of it, we all have different interests, skill levels, and goals. that diversity is a big part of what makes golf such an intimidating sport for people to try. many of us are only comfortable trying a new course when it comes recommended by a friend.

golfmix broadens that circle of friends and breaks down some of those intimidating walls by providing a destination for detailed reviews of golf courses from golfers like you. we also give you the opportunity to share your thoughts with other golfers. our ratings and review system is unlike anything found in golf because it gives all golfers a platform to share their opinions and read others from golfers with the same interests and skill levels.

the golfmix team was formed in 2009 and is made up of golf enthusiasts and business experts with a wide variety of experience. we are bonded by our passion for the game of golf and desire to build an easy-to-use, fun, engaging, informative, and unique product.

founder & ceo: jon bloom – radio and tv broadcaster: pga tour, nfl, nba, ncaa
co-founder & advisory board chairman: arron oberholser – pga tour professional
president: tom loegering – author and golf course owner & manager
chief content officer: brett kurland – digital marketing & emmy award winning video producer
chief financial officer: andy beran – financial strategy and merger & acquisition, fortune 100
vice president: kirk getsinger – corporate strategy, J.D.
content management/business development: justin silverstein – writer, editor, golf nut
social media: anthony braslavsky – masters student at asu’s cronkite school


Review of the Week


The Golf Club Scottsdale

By Tyson Nash

Overall Experience:

The Golf of Scottsdale is one of my favorites. My in-laws are members up there and I try to take advantage of that every opportunity that I can. It’s a great course, … more →
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